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Why modern product teams choose Chisel over Aha!

Aha! is a roadmap-focused tool, but there is more to product management than just building roadmaps. Chisel is a user-friendly, highly configurable tool that helps you plan your roadmap and offers extensive feedback collection and management capabilities. Chisel is the best choice for a modern, AI-powered roadmap platform that also infuses feedback into every stage of the product development process.

Chisel has more first-party feedback collection tools than Aha!, like Surveys, Audience Panels, and more.

Unlike Aha!, Chisel's AI can automatically generate PRDs in just seconds.

Unlike Aha!, Chisel has built-in team alignment tools for collecting and managing team feedback, which makes it easier to keep all internal stakeholders on the same page.

Chisel's Feedback Portals are more customizable than Aha!'s: they can support password- or email-based authentication, custom forms and themes, and iframe embedding.

Chisel's UI is optimized for quick and easy navigation and gives you the user experience you expect from a modern, enterprise-grade application.

Chisel's integrations with engineering tools like Jira and ADO are more powerful than Aha!'s. Directly sync product hiearchies between Chisel and Jira/ADO so that parent-child relationships stay intact.

Chisel is recognized as a top player in the industry. But don't just take our word for it—see what others are saying by reading the reviews on G2 🌟

Customer Ideation
Aha! 8.6
Aha! 8.9
Ease of Use
Aha! 7.6
Quality of Support
Aha! 9.1
Product direction
Aha! 8.5
Meets requirements
Aha! 8.7

Chisel vs Aha!

AI-Powered PRD and Automated Reports
Survey & Audience Functionality
Central Product Idea Repository
Powerful Customization in Roadmap Views
Rolled up Roadmap Views for CPOs & CMOs
Powerful Jira & ADO Integration
Customer Feedback Integrations
Team Feedback Workflow
in Implementation Index for Product Management
in Usability Index for Strategy and Innovation Roadmapping Tools
in Momentum Grid® Report for Enterprise Feedback Management
in Momentum Grid® Report for Strategy and Innovation Roadmapping Tools

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